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Juniper Street Cover.jpg
Juniper Street, 2006

Fourth poetry collection.

‘Vona Groarke’s fourth collection, Juniper Street, brings together dense yet taut poems, grounded in an everyday enriched by an intelligent, idiosyncratic awareness…. Groarke finds her way by precise observation and disparate, deftly interwoven threads of thought, the defining attributes of her style and achievement.’

— Times Literary Supplement


‘Juniper Street develops Groarke’s consideration of the idea of home… This poetry is remarkable both for its use of metaphor and simile to create striking images that gleam and build into a luminous tapestry as the collection progresses, but also for its attentiveness to words as sounds that powerfully reverberate. . . . Groarke is an archly knowing and highly self-conscious maker of poetry.’

— Maria Johnston, Poetry Ireland Review


‘Vona Groarke’s is a fine-tuned diction, a poetry of poise and perfectly contrived effect.’ 

— Fiona Sampson, The Irish Times

Available to purchase via The Gallery Press here.

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