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X, 2014

Sixth poetry collection. Shortlisted for the 2015 Irish Times Poetry Now Award. Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

‘“Beautiful” is a word that does not sit easily with contemporary poetry, and it is not, either, a word that usually describes a book whose subjects include absence, a break-up, a suburban garden . . . But beauty characterises what this book finds in or, better, makes of its subjects.’

              - John McAuliffe, The Irish Times (March 2014)


‘as moving as it is poised’

              - Edinburgh Review (No. 140, 2014)


‘An outstanding collection by a poet at the height of her powers’

              - New Statesman (Jan 2015)


‘Adroit, precise and intellectually daring’

               -Warwick Review (June 2014)

Available to purchase via The Gallery Press here.

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