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Recent Poem Publications:


New York Review of Books:

October 8, 2020: ‘The Poetry Manual



October 25, 2018: ‘Vanishing Point’



March 8, 2018: ‘On the Deployment of Simile to Understand Good Marriages’



Times Literary Supplement:

Apr 23, 2021: ‘Split Infinitive’


Poetry Ireland Review: Issue 13 (ed. Colette Bryce):

Three Poems: ‘Under a Tree, Parked’; ‘Daily News Round-up’; ‘For Now’


The Poetry Review: Vol 111:1 Spring 2021 (ed. Emily Berry)

Two Poems: ‘Linkage’; ‘Quarantine'


The Hudson Review: Spring 2020:

Three Poems: ‘Sundial Metaphors’; ‘Still Life in Marble’; ‘Phrase Book for the Subjunctive, Lesson 1



The Guardian:

Sept 14, 2019: Poem of the Month: ‘No one uses doilies anymore’


The Irish Times:

Feb 16, 2019: Poem: ‘Against Loneliness’


The New Yorker:

July 31, 2017: Poem: ‘This Poem’

Recent Essay Publications:

Los Angeles Review of Books:

Feb 14, 2021: On Gerard Manley Hopkins’,‘No worst there is none’

Seamus Heaney in Context (ed Geraldine Higgins, Cambridge University Press, 2021):

‘Proper Nouns’, pp 127-135


Oxford Handbook of W.B. Yeats (Oxford University Press, forthcoming in 2022):

'Yeats and Contemporary Poetry: 12 Takes'

Cambridge Reflections: Covid 19


Blog post: ‘Poetry in an Age of Coronavirus’, May 2020

Recent Interviews:


Irish University Review, Vol 43 Issue 2, November 2013:

‘How do you make a teapot be intellectually interesting?’ Interview with Hedwig Schwall, Director of the Leuven Centre for Irish Studies



Bath Magg, Issue 1:

Interview with Joe Carrick-Varty

Recent Reviews:

‘Bind and Flex - Deryn Rees-Jones and Jericho Brown’ Poetry Ireland Review, Issue 131, Autumn 2020


Seamus Deane, Small World (Cambridge University Press, 2021) History Ireland, Autumn 2021 (review forthcoming)

The Dublin Review - Essays:


‘A Hundred Acres, a Few Ditches, Some Mist (On picking stones and becoming a poet)’ –  Issue No. 5

‘Foreignism: A Philadelphia Diary’, Issue No. 18


‘Remakes: King Kong and an Irish Family’, Issue No. 24


‘War. Not War: On the Home Front of the War on Terror’, Issue No. 25


‘It Hot: A Sojourn in the South’, Issue No. 27


‘A Broth of a Boy: the legend of John McCormack’, Issue No. 32


‘Burundi’ (Short story), Issue No. 35

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