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Vona Groarke has published thirteen books with The Gallery Press, including eight original poetry collections, and two translations from the Irish, most recently Woman of Winter (2023), a version of the much-loved Irish poem usually known in English as, 'The Lament of the Hag of Beare'. She published Hereafter: the Telling Life of Ellen O'Hara with New York University Press (2022). A Cullman Fellow at the New York Public Library 2018-19; former editor of Poetry Ireland Review and selector for the UK's Poetry Book Society, she has taught at the University of Manchester since 2007. She is the current Writer in Residence at St John's College, Cambridge, and otherwise lives in Co. Sligo in the West of Ireland.


More information about Vona Groarke can be found at:

New York University Press

The Gallery Press

Poetry Archive

Poetry International

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