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Spindrift Cover.jpg
Spindrift, 2009

Fifth poetry collection, Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Shortlisted for the 2010 Irish Times Poetry Now Award.


‘. . . The poems in Spindrift serve as a reminder that in the strongest poetry there’s always the sound of someone confronting with courage and craft the outer and inner worlds of hazardous matter. What these poems possess are seriousness of purpose, clarity of intelligence, exactitudes of feeling and, most of all, a quiet mastery of language in its instrumental work as sound and cadence, as image, as metaphor, as just plain statement… Living between the active energy of “spin”, and the patient, watchful openness of “drift”, the poems of Spindrift let us know in their own way what lyric consciousness and lyric poem really mean..’

— Eamon Grennan, The Irish Times

‘poetry of precise, sensuous detail and sensitive, witty observation’

- Poetry Ireland Review, No. 87 (Aug 2006)

Available to purchase via The Gallery Press here.

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